DefaultImageProcessingFilterDrawMode Property
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CodeCarvings.Piczard.Configuration Namespace > DrawingSettings Class : DefaultImageProcessingFilterDrawMode Property

Gets the default ImageProcessingFilterDrawMode used by ImageProcessingFilters that implement the IMultiDrawModeImageProcessingFilter interface.


Visual Basic (Declaration)  
Public ReadOnly Property DefaultImageProcessingFilterDrawMode As ImageProcessingFilterDrawMode
public ImageProcessingFilterDrawMode DefaultImageProcessingFilterDrawMode {get;}

Return Value

The default draw mode (only for filters that implement the IMultiDrawModeImageProcessingFilter interface).
The default value is ImageProcessingFilterDrawMode.Auto.


Computer graphics is a CPU intensive operation.
In order to process images quickly, sometimes is necessary to use pointers or other advanced techniques.

Unfortunately not every environment allow to use these advanced techniques (for example, ASP.NET Medium Trust does not permit the use of pointers)

This property allows to configure the default way that image processing filters (implmenting the IMultiDrawModeImageProcessingFilter interface) process images.

For example, if your application runs in an ASP.NET Medium Trust environment and you receive errors, you can try to set DefaultImageProcessingFilterDrawMode to ImageProcessingFilterDrawMode.Slow in the configuration file.


Please see also: IMultiDrawModeImageProcessingFilter.


Requires Piczard 1.1.x or higher.

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