ImageProcessingActionExecuteArgs Class Properties
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CodeCarvings.Piczard.Processing Namespace : ImageProcessingActionExecuteArgs Class

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Public Properties

  Name Description
Public Property Actions Gets a read-only collection containing all the image processing actions.  
Public Property AppliedImageBackColorValue Gets the Color applied as background to the image.
Public Property CurrentAction Gets a reference to the current ImageProcessingAction.  
Public Property CurrentActionIndex Gets the zero-based index of the current ImageProcessingAction inside the Actions collection.  
Public Property FormatEncoderParams Gets the FormatEncoderParams object containing the image format parameters.  
Public Property GlobalState Gets a dictionary of state information that allows to share information across multiple ImageProcessingAction objects.  
Public Property Image Gets the current image.  
Public Property ImageProcessingJob Gets the ImageProcessingJob to which the ImageProcessingActionExecuteArgs object is associated.  
Public Property ImageProcessingTarget Gets the type of result of the current image processing workflow.  
Public Property IsLastAction Gets a value indicating whether the current ImageProcessingAction is the last one to be executed.  
Public Property SourceImage Gets the original source image.  

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