IMultiDrawModeImageProcessingFilter Interface
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CodeCarvings.Piczard.Processing Namespace : IMultiDrawModeImageProcessingFilter Interface

Interface that must be implemented by ImageProcessingFilters that support different draw modes.


Visual Basic (Declaration)  
Public Interface IMultiDrawModeImageProcessingFilter 
public interface IMultiDrawModeImageProcessingFilter 


Computer graphics is a CPU intensive operation.
In order to process images quickly, sometimes is necessary to use pointers or other advanced techniques.

Unfortunately not every environment allow to use these advanced techniques.
For example, ASP.NET Medium Trust does not permit the use of pointers.

By implementing this interface, a complex ImageProcessingFilter can be optimized to run on different kind of environments.

In case the environment does not allow to use certain advanced drawing techniques (such as pointers), the filter can use alternative drawing methods (probably much slow).


Requires Piczard 1.1.x or higher.

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