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Manual Image Resize
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Piczard Fundamentals - Core > Built-in Filters > Resize An Image > Manual Image Resize

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Please see the Example A.201 - "Resize an image / Manual".

In order to "manually" resize an image you have to use the ImageTransformation class.

Programmatically Resize An Image (ResizeFactor: 50%) Copy Code
new ImageTransformation(50).SaveProcessedImageToFileSystem("Source.jpg", "Output.jpg");




The ImageTransformation class as well as allowing resizing, it also allows to rotate & flip images.
For more information please see: Rotate & Flip An Image

Multiple Image Transformations With A Singe Filter Copy Code
ImageTransformation transformation = new ImageTransformation();
transformation.ResizeFactor = 200F;   
// 200% Resize
transformation.RotationAngle = 90F;   // Rotate 90°
transformation.FlipH = true;          // Horizontal flip
transformation.SaveProcessedImageToFileSystem("Source.jpg", "Output.jpg");


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