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InvalidImageSizeException (The maximum image size is 5000x5000 px)
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Troubleshooting > InvalidImageSizeException (The maximum image size is 5000x5000 px)

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By default, if you try to load or process an image whose size is greater than 5000 (width) x 5000 (height) pixels, Piczard raises an InvalidImageSizeException.

You can change this limit by editing the application Config file.
In particular you have to add / edit the value of following attribute:

configuration / codeCarvings.piczard / coreSettings / drawing / maxImageSize

Also, for big images it is suggested to set

/ configuration / codeCarvings.piczard / coreSettings / imageArchiver / defaultLoadImageValidateImageData

to false.


Set the maxImageSize to 10000 (width) x 8000 (height) pixels Copy Code
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<sectionGroup name="codeCarvings.piczard">
<section name="coreSettings" type="CodeCarvings.Piczard.Configuration.CoreSettingsSectionHandler, CodeCarvings.Piczard" requirePermission="false"/>
<drawing maxImageSize="10000, 8000" />
<imageArchiver defaultLoadImageValidateImageData="false" />

For additional information about this setting please see:


Please note that - If you want to change this setting - you should configure the new value according to your computer/server resources.
In fact - regardless of the value of maxImageSize - Windows GDI+ throws errors in case the necessary free RAM is not available.
For additional information please search "GDI+ Out Of Memory" on your favorite search engine.

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