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  1. Introduction
  2. The PictureTrimmer frozen status

Please see the Example A.311 - "Web - PictureTrimmer / InlinePictureTrimmer - Overview"



1. Introduction

InlinePictureTrimmer is one of the 2 types of PictureTrimmer controls that the Piczard library provides.

This control allows to place an image editor tool directly within a web page
(the other type of Picturetrimmer control - PopupPictureTrimmer - is displayed within a lightbox popup).

The main difference between InlinePictureTrimmer and PopupPictureTrimmer is that InlinePictureTrimmer is alwyas visibile in the webpage.
This brings the following differences in the behaviour of the two types of controls:




The PictureTrimmer frozen status

The PictureTrimmer "frozen" status is a feature that allows to hide the Flash User Interface (without losing any parameter).
It can be activated only by a client side code.
Also, the "frozen" status is reset after every page postback.

It is useful to hide the Flash UI to prevent Z-INDEX issues when you want to display a layer on top of the PictureTrimmer interface.

Example Copy Code
<script type="text/javascript">

   function InlinePictureTrimmer1_Freeze()
// Get the PictureTrimmer instance
oPictureTrimmer = CodeCarvings.Wcs.Piczard.PictureTrimmer.getControl("<% =this.InlinePictureTrimmer1.ClientID %>");

// Get the previous frozen status
frozen = oPictureTrimmer.ui.get_frozen();

// Set the new frozen status
<ccPiczard:InlinePictureTrimmer runat="server" ID="InlinePictureTrimmer1" />

a href="#" onclick="InlinePictureTrimmer1_Freeze(); return false;">Freeze / Unfreeze</a>


Another useful usage of this feature is when you want to temporarily "disable" the PictureTrimmer for some reason.
For example, in order to temporarily prevent changes to the user selection (crop coordinates, resize factor, etc...)

The PictureTrimmer control provides the property AutoFreezeOnFormSubmit that allows to automatically freeze the GUI when the form is submitted.


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