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  1. Introduction
  2. List of the available examples

Examples are also  available through GitHub:



1. Introduction

Piczard is distributed in a package (.exe or .7z) that also contains a large number of working examples.

The aim of these examples is to illustrate the use of the basic features of the library.
They may not be drop-in solutions for your application but may help you find the direction you need to solve your particular issue.

Within the installation folder (usually "C:\Program files\CodeCarvings\Piczard V1\" - or - the unzipped folder in case you downloaded the .7z archive) you can find 2 sub-directories with 2 Microsoft Visual Studio solutions:

Both solutions are absolutely identical with the exception of the used programming language (C # or VB.NET)

The examples have been developed by using version 2008 of Microsoft Visual Studio.
Therefore you must use Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (or above) in order to properly use the examples.

For convenience the examples are contained in an ASP.NET 3.5 website project ("ExampleSet A").
Please note that this does not mean that the Piczard library can only be used in ASP.NET applications.

Moreover the ASP.NET pages make use of Ajax - however - the use of Ajax is not mandatory in order for the proper functioning of Piczard.

You can use Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web to work with Piczard examples.

The examples are numbered in order to permit easy identification.
In facts, there are many references to the examples in many parts of this documentation.
Every example is identified by a letter followed by 3 digit, for example: A.101
(the letter identifies the project - currently there is only one project: "ExampleSet A")


Before running examples you have to make sure that the necessary read-write permissions are set for the folders "~/App_Data" and "~/repository".
In order to run examples marked for SQL Server, you have also to:

  1. Create the MS SQL Server database by executing the SQL script "CodeCarvings_Piczard_V1_0_ES_A.sql" (available in the sub-directory: "Examples\Common\SQL Server Scripts\").
  2. Configure the MS SQL Server database connection string "SqlServerConnectionString" in the Web.Config file.



2. List of the available examples




ExampleSet A contains a ready-to-use ASCX control that provides advanced image uploading features.
For more information please see: SimpleImageUpload ASCX User Control Overview
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