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These are some of the most common questions about Piczard.
If you have a new question, please post it to the Forum.
// Q: Is Piczard Free both for personal and commercial use ?
A: Yes! Piczard is absolutely FREE both for personal and commercial use.
// Q: How do i get support ?
A: You can get support via the Forum.
// Q: Is there a "non-free" edition of Piczard ?
A: No, Piczard is provided ONLY as FREE product.
// Q: How do I get rid of the notice "Piczard - .NET Image Manipulation Library by Sergio Turolla" displayed in the browser ?
A: You cannot remove the proprietary notices, labels and trademarks generated by Piczard.
(unless you have purchased the Digivogue's DeBrand Plugin before November 30, 2013).
// Q: Can Piczard be used only in ASP.NET projects ?
A: No. The CORE functions (Programmatic Image Manipulation) can be used even in other kind of .NET projects, such as Windows Forms applications.
// Q: Is there a version of Piczard for technologies other than .NET, such as PHP, ASP 3 Classic or Java ?
A: No. Piczard is available only for .NET.
// Q: Is the source code available ?
A: No, the source code is not available.
Piczard is FREE but it's not open source.
// Q: Is there an image cropper-resizer tool for WPF / Windows Forms applications ?
A: No. PictureTrimmer currently is available only as ASP.NET WebControl.
// Q: Is there a version of Piczard compatible with .NET 1.1 ?
A: No. PictureTrimmer requires at least .NET 2.0.
Here you can find the System Requirements.
// Q: At runtime I receive the message "Piczard client-side library failed to load". How can I solve this issue ?
A: In order to solve this issue you have to follow the following steps: