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Multiple Image Filters 

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Piczard provides an expandable set of classes and methods that allows - in an extremely easy way - to load, process and save images. With Piczard, tasks such as image resizing, watermarking or cropping, can be performed even with a single line of code !

1 - Source Image
Piczard Source Image
2 - Image Processing
Enable/Disable filters - and - change the filter order by dragging the items

3 - Output Image
Piczard Output Image
// Setup the composite filter
var filters = ImageTransformation.FlipHorizontal
  + new ScaledResizeConstraint(280, 280)
  + DefaultColorFilters.Sepia
  + new ImageWatermark("watermark.png", ContentAlignment.TopRight);

// Process the image
filters.SaveProcessedImageToFileSystem("src.jpg", "out.jpg");
' Setup the composite filter
Dim filters = ImageTransformation.FlipHorizontal _
  + New ScaledResizeConstraint(280, 280) _
  + DefaultColorFilters.Sepia _
  + New ImageWatermark("watermark.png", ContentAlignment.TopRight)

' Process the image
filters.SaveProcessedImageToFileSystem("src.jpg", "out.jpg")
Many more examples are contained in the installer package.
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